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If you want to fine-tune your skills, you will find below a good number of exercises, courtesy of French Table Football Federation. All pictures and drill descriptions are the property of the French Table Soccer Federation. Translated by yours truly in english.

Player marking

terd.jpg - 69091 Bytes

Perform blocks toward the attacking figurines. Start the drill slowly in order to be as accurate as possible, then keep performing the blocks faster and faster.

Defense repositioning

terd1.jpg - 64049 Bytes

Perform positional blocks, trying to make the players land on the shooting line. Repeat the blocks faster and faster. Move away the figurines to perform blocks from further and further.

Interception (steal)

terfle.jpg - 71563 Bytes

Need two people for this drill. Position yourselves on each side of the pitch (behind each goal). One player performs goal-kicks while the other flicks a player so that it stops in the path of the ball. Perform this drill with all your players.

Rolling ball shot

repvol.jpg - 64255 Bytes

Hit the ball toward the unmarked player and shoot the rolling ball. At the beginning, the drill is done without any defense. Once confortable with the technique, position defenders closer and closer to the unmarked attacker.

Bringing the ball forward

center.jpg - 63504 Bytes

This drill is about being able to flick a player so that the ball ends up wherever we want on the pitch. Flick the player so that the ball ends up resting as close as possible to the kick-off spot. To vary the drill, the player or the ball is placed at different locations on the pitch: 1) the player is placed in its own shooting zone right behind the ball and 2) the player is placed at the corner-kick spot right behind the ball. Do the same placing the player about 2 inches away from the ball.

Going upfield with 2 players

2jou.jpg - 74365 Bytes

This drill makes you practice going upfield with two players. You can perform this exercise slowly letting the ball stop or rapidly without letting the ball stop.


contr.jpg - 62595 Bytes

Position a player in his own shooting zone. 1) Move ball upfield without going past the kick-off circle. 2) Send ball into the opposite shooting zone (single flick). 3) Shoot.

Touch, part deux

contr2.jpg - 63927 Bytes

To perform this exercise correctly, one should not touch the ball straight on. Because the ball is not directly facing the goal (most common situation in games), the player must "cut" the ball (hit the ball sideways). This will enable the player to face the goal, send the ball into the shooting zone and shoot. All this with 3 flicks only.

Ball control

demi.jpg - 68943 Bytes

Move the ball across the pitch's width with a single player. Try to cross the pitch as many times as possible in 10 mns. The goal of course is not to lose possession and not let the ball go out of bounds.


diff.jpg - 60996 Bytes

Perform a shootout (used to break ties in games).

Blocked shooting

diffc.jpg - 66083 Bytes

This drill for blocked shooting is a modified shootout practice where a player is positioned in front of the ball.

Long range shooting

tirloi.jpg - 61463 Bytes

Long range shooting means shooting when the player is far from the ball. Position the ball inside the shooting zone, as close as possible to the line. Position your player about 6 inches away from and perpendicular to the shooting line. Perform the drill for 10 mns. Move the players back by placing them on the halfway line and redo the drill for another 10 mns.

Long range shooting, part deux

tird.jpg - 61507 Bytes

Position the ball inside the shooting zone, as close as possible to the line. Position your player about 6 inches away from the ball in alignment with the goal/ball line. Perform the drill for 10 mns.

Happy practicing!