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An interesting set of rules are the so-called "football simulation rules". They have been designed by Bruno Biasini to better reflect real football (sorry, soccer). Basically, you play using the FISTF rules but there are some amendments, in particular, to prevent the formation of a defensive wall during open play. The main rule amendments (at least to me) are the no-block rule when a pass is completed (ball hits another attacking player) and the "closer to the ball" block rule (the blocking figure should end up closer to the ball). The "closer to the ball" block rule is key in preventing the formation of a defensive wall during open play. There is also a lengthy bit about formations but haven't read it.

Bruno has dedicated a nice website to the rules, check it out at Football Simulation Rules.

Feel free to join the forum attached to this site if you want to talk about the football simulation rules. Bruno Biasini is a regular there, well almost.