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Old Subbuteo is a "movement" that came about when the so-called "World Retro League" went kaboom. It originated in Italy but is now spreading all over Europe, from what I've heard. Old Subbuteo is all about the cereal bowl types of bases, whether original or repros, realistic formations and baize pitches. Now, everything can't be perfect in this world as the mighty polish is (usually) allowed. In terms of rules, Old Subuteo has taken the old Subbuteo advanced rules to the next level adding a bunch of pages to make them a bit more adapted to the type of competition the guys in charge want to do.

If you want to know more about this fine association, please visit il forum dell'old subbuteo. It's mostly in Italian but there's also a section reserved for us, the English speaking folks.

About the rules, well, what do you think? Of course, they are here. Feel free to download the Old Subbuteo Handbook right here.

Beside the rules and the equipment, there's something that makes Old Subbuteo special. It's the type of events they organize. There's always a theme to an event, it's not the usual group stage with 2 games and you're out type of gig. Those guys might organize an event that recreates World Cup 82, Euro 76 or even le Championnat 81 (that's right, the "old" French league). In a word, the tournaments are never the same, as opposed to you know what.